Technical Report 1: Survey and Replacement of Incadescent Lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps in Selected Estates and Facilities in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria  

Technical Report 2: Assessment of Impact of 2010 Flood on Communities along the Lower River Niger in Kogi Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria

Technical Report 3: Potential Hydroelectric Power Development at Kampe (Omi) River Dam, Kogi State, Nigeria

Technical Report 4: Systematic Development of an Hydroelectric Generator at the University Of Ilorin Dam, Ilorin, Nigeria (Phase I)

Technical Report 5: Development of a National Data Bank for Hydropower Resources and Facilities

Technical Report 6: Retrofitting Asa Water Supply Dam For Hydroelectric Power Generation

Technical Report 7: Assessment of Hydroelctric Potentials of Owu and Ero-Omola Falls in Kwara State, Nigeria

Technical Report 8: Operational Impact of Hydropower Generation on Host Communities and Lowland Areas in Kogi, Kwara and Niger States

Technical Report 9: Sustainable Sediment Management of Upper Watershed of Jebba Dam for Improved Power Generation

Technical Report 10: Resource Assessment of Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion Technology in Lower River Niger Basin

Technical Report 11: Assessment and Repair of Solar Streetlights in Township and Rural Communities (Kwara, Kogi, Osun, Oyo, Nassarawa and Ekiti States)

Technical Report 12: Techno-Economic and Environmental Feasibility Study of Using Solar Led Streetlight In Nigeria A Case in the City of Ilorin Kwara State

Technical Report 13: Impact of Climate Change on Streamflow of the Kainji Lake Basin

Technical Report 14: Hydropower Potential Assessment of River Oshin at Budo Umoru and Environs in North Central Nigeria

Technical Report 15: Optimization of Energy Generation at the Kainji Hydropower Reservoir


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