Professor Adebayo Wahab Salami




A world class centre for the advancement of knowledge in hydropower technology and management.


To conduct research and training that will enhance the development and application of hydropower as an important component of diverse energy sources that is needed for a stable and reliable energy sector in Nigeria.


Energy is an essential ingredient for socioeconomic development and industrial growth of any nation. Nigeria, no doubt, is blessed with abundant fossil fuel reserves. However, the need to harness other sources of energy such as wind, water, sun and biomass is now attracting attention due to the world energy crises of the 1970s. Among these alternative sources of energy, hydropower requires serious consideration, being one of the prominent renewable energy sources. In response to this, the Nigerian Federal Government established the National Centre for Hydropower Research and Development (NACHRED) as a research centre under the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN). ECN was established by Energy Commission Act No. 62 of 1979, as amended by Act No. 32 of 1998 and Act No. 19 of 1989. NACHRED was established in July 2008, and officially commenced activities with the opening of the office building at the University of Ilorin on 19th August, 2009, under the pioneer leadership of Professor B. F. Sule.
The Centre has been charged with the responsibility of organizing and conducting research and development in hydropower management and technologies, and to perform the following

  • Identify and assess all hydropower resources in the country
  • Serve as a centre for training of high level manpower in hydropower technology and management
  • Research into environmental problems associated with the development of hydropower stations
  • Serve as a resource centre offering advisory and research facilities for hydropower development
  • Cooperate with institutions and organizations engaged in similar activities
  • Serve as a centre for equipment development in hydropower sector
  • Disseminate the results of research and development activities through public awareness programmes such as seminars, workshops, conferences, publications, etc.
  • Perform any other functions as may be directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.